Welcome to the collaborative website for English 181: Friendship, a first-year writing course taught by Bellee Jones-Pierce at Emory University during Spring 2013.  The course was devoted to exploring the concept of friendship — its origins, history, boundaries, and complexities — via literature, philosophy, criticism and, most importantly, our own lives and writing.  The first half of our semester was spent in laying a common classroom-centered groundwork for the larger, more public projects showcased here.

The first of these projects involved several collaboratively-produced adaptations of Shakespeare and Fletcher’s Two Noble Kinsmen.  Our capstone project was a Classroom Canon of friendship texts.


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This webpage is a lightly edited copy of the original collaborative site.  That site’s host is no longer accessible for editing, and the comments section has been taken over by spam.  If you’d like to access it, please contact Bellee Jones-Pierce.